Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Welcome home sis!

My sister arrived home safe and sound! Rock on! Josie was a great roommate, but it's definitely nice to have Margo home.

She and Scott and I stayed up late talking last night, which was wonderful, but I think my immune system wishes I had given it a few more hours of sleep. I have a feeling my cold is looking to strike back.

And there's pickup tonight.
To play or not to play?
My brain wants to.
  1. It's beautiful outside.
  2. I didn't play on Sunday.
  3. Maybe if I nap after work my body will agree with me.
If not, I have a pretty nice back-up plan - yoga and then Bohemian Caverns with Aaron and Ann. I haven't been to the caverns in a long time now... but I'm not sure that Belgian beers would be any better or worse for me than Ultimate.

Today I met with a Wellesley alum who does biostatistics at Walter Reed. She loves her job. It's definitely something I need to do more research on.

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