Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A long, slow week. Sigh.

It was a really rainy ride to work. It's sunny and windy now, and I'm crossing my fingers that my bike clothes will be dry by the time I go. It's going to be a pretty darn chilly otherwise. On the upside, I got some work done on my bike this weekend - new non-rusty shifter cables and a new non-wobbly back tire - so now the Schwinn Continental Traveler Trois is a joy to ride.

Here's a neat New York Times article about parallels between Mozart and Einstein.

Yesterday went by really quickly. All the events that got started over the past weekend are coming to fruition this coming weekend, so I was busy getting things figured out. Here's the plan so far...
Friday night - meet people down at Cafe Asia to celebrate my last day at Wally World!
Saturday - fly up to Burlington for the funeral
Sunday - catch a ride down to Boston
Monday - hang out in Boston. Go to a museum, go to Wellesley, something fun.
Tuesday - meet up with Scott, either at the airport or in Amherst. (I might get to meet his parents!!)
Wednesday - Drive back to DC with Scott.

We'll see. It's all pretty rough right now.

Any other news? The cleats that I ordered arrived last night. I haven't been playing much Ultimate recently (only once in the past 2 weeks) and I don't really miss it... but it's still exciting to get shiny new cleats.

The official evite for the Second Annual Minnesota Party went out today. If you didn't get it and want it, e-mail me! February 11th. Less than two weeks away. I still don't know who I'm going to dress up as.

Speaking of Minnesota, check out my little bro's recent post about the John Beargrease dogsled race! It started last weekend.

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