Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Hot Pink Sweater Day

So. A lack of sleep, a persistant cold and some gloomy weather have made yesterday and today a little rough. I just feel a little more tired and sad than I should.

But Ultimate last night was a welcome break from that. I made some catches that I'm not used to - above the head, one-handed grabs in the endzone. It felt good. And, of course, it's wonderful to get to hang out with with Paul and Liz and others. There was a great group out there last night. (Sadly, Scott and Aaron are out with injuries for several weeks.)

I was scheduled to donate platelets this morning, which would have been wonderful - 4 hours of not being in the office and sitting in a comfy chair watching a movie instead. But they wouldn't take me because I'm still a little sick. I rescheduled for next Monday and am crossing my fingers that I'll be better by then.

My hot pink sweater isn't doing quite enough to wake me up, but I just finished a cup of hot chocolate that helped. What I really need is a nap. If it were summer, I could just head outside for 20 minutes. But I think it will be several more months before that's a possibility.

Hmm. I did get a sleeping bag for Christmas. Can I turn my summer power nap ritual into a winter camping ritual? There's actually enough space under my desk to lie down, but I don't think the office is peaceful enough to make sleeping a possibility. Also, I snore, which would disrupt our "professional" atmosphere.

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