Thursday, January 12, 2006

I served rutabagas for the first time last night!

A delightful evening.  I got home around 4:30. Scott helped me cook dinner while Margo rearranged the furniture. TDP arrived en masse at 7. They drank beer, I sautéed zucchini, and we sat down to dinner shortly thereafter. We toasted my sister’s arrival with leftover New Year’s Eve champagne and lingered over ice cream sandwiches (courtesy of Aaron) until 10-ish.

Glad it’s Thursday. This week has been going really slowly. I can’t believe it’s not even 1:00 yet! Grr.

I just learned about the Ice Hotel the other day. It’s up in Quebec and is constructed entirely of ice. From the website, it looks absolutely beautiful.


Shamik said...

I looked at the hotel website, saw that the cheapest room goes for $595/night, and thought, "dagnabit." But then I realized it's in Monopoly Money.

DavidS said...

Right, that's only US$512, a steal! Um.