Monday, January 09, 2006

Monday - So far, okay

I'm not sleepy anymore! It's pretty nice! This weekend, though, was another story.

I got home from work on Friday around 4:30, went to bed, and napped for an hour. Scott came over for dinner, and then we went over to Aaron's for a little party. Giles convinced us to play Mafia, which was darn fun. I made a terrible mafia member, though. Just couldn't keep a straight face.

We started off Saturday with a wonderful batch of pumpkin pancakes, and then Paul picked me up for our first winter league game of the season. I'm playing with "Minimum Flair", and we won 15-4. We played a little pickup afterwards, but I was beat. Running didn't feel good. Most of the team went out for lunch in Reston, and then... Paul and Eli and I went to Dairy Queen! I had a chocolate-dipped strawberry Blizzard. The consistency wasn't quite right, but the experience was sublime in every other respect.

Paul and me, in our BRDM and DQ hoodies.

I got home around 5, which gave me ample time to shower before A Prairie Home Companion came on. Stayed in the rest of the night - didn't have enough energy to do much besides lie on the futon.

I got about 7 hours of sleep, woke up to find another beautiful pumpkin pancake breakfast waiting for me. Fueled up, headed down to the polo fields, played 3 points and then sat down because I was tired. It wasn't just that my body was still waking up... it was more that my mind was all confused, the way it gets at the end of a tournament day or at the end of a Gunston night. I just can't see the field clearly, can't cut... it's not fun. So I sat on the sideline for 30 or 40 minutes hoping I'd wake up, but I just kept lusting after my flannel sheets. So I headed back up the hill and napped for 2 hours. That gave me enough energy to head down to Armand's for dinner (a going-away event, sadly. But he'll be back in a few months, happily.). Bon voyage Armand!

Fun stuff this week - My sister arrives tonight! TDP events tonight and Wednesday. Ultimate on Tuesday and Thursday, as always. I'd better be healthy enough to play!!

Enough for now. I have to scrub 2 databases for BLS dates. Gross.


peekp said...

The picture makes me look like a midget or something. For the record, I'm slouching in the picture because I'm tired.

RHL said...

naw.. you're a midget.
accept it.
A midget in a hoodie.

Shamik said...

i've added you to my FLG team, pp.

DavidS said...


peekp said...

Not that there is anything wrong with midgets...

BRDQM = Big Red Dairy Queen Machine?

Big Red Death Queen Machine?

Libby said...

FLG team? Huh?

I'll happily be a Big Red Dairy Queen Machine.

Shamik said...

ah, libby, guess you weren't on that thread. :(

to sum up, goaltimate picture on r.s.d. --> paul's utter confusion --> dwarves vs. midgets --> midget fantasy team.

of course there's nothing wrong with midgets. mind you, that's *my* fantasy team we're talking about. you guys can fight over the dwarves.

BRDQM... sounds like some tasty photoshop opportunities in the making.... must find some spare time :/

Shamik said...

ok, that took almost no time.

note: lameness * time product is undefined. especially when considering the contribution of this paragraph.

check it out.