Friday, January 27, 2006

The sun is still shining...

...but I could not feel my toes when I got to work this morning. Brr. I was actually a little nervous that I'd lose my balance on my way from the lockers to the showers because my feet felt so funny. I have a new understanding of the shoe covers my sister wears for her cycling races.

Just got this e-mail from Garrison Keillor:
Dear Voyageurs of the Prairie,
After due deliberation, we've decided to launch Prairie Home Cruise II from Seattle for a week of sailing along the coast of British Columbia and Alaska to Juneau and Glacier Bay and back. We leave Friday, July 14, and return Friday, July 21, and we'll linger in Seattle to do A Prairie Home Companion on July 21, which will be taped for broadcast on July 22, from the lovely Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery.
It would be such a cool trip! My friend Jason and his famly went on the Prairie Home Companion cruise last year and loved it. I'll be out in Seattle over the 4th of July for Potlatch... I could just hop down to San Fran and LA to visit friends and family there for a week... and then hop back up north for the cruise... What a nice little Friday-in-January daydream.

Don't forget, the Minnesota party is on February 11th. The official evite is coming out next week.

One more thing... a brilliant video. Dogs in slow motion. Beautiful, abstract, funny. Thanks to Grant for bringint it to my attention!

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