Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A new bike in the family!

My sister brought a new bike home with her last night! A blue Schwinn Continental! It's a little older than mine, and it has a standard (not ladies) frame, and I'm not sure that it's a Traveler. But they make such a cute couple. They're like sisters, orphaned sisters who were separated in childhood. Each presumed the other was dead, but now they're happily reunited under the watchful eye of their crotchety old Schwinn Sidewinder mountain bike godfather. There must be a Dickens novel about this, right?

Our Schwinn family: Mine in the foreground, Margo's sandwiched in the middle, and the Sidewinder in the back.
(PS - they're parked in our living room because our garage door opener is broken. Again.)

Yesterday Jaime asked me to play my violin in her and Kate's wedding! I'm so honored and excited!

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