Sunday, September 11, 2011

When life gives you lemons...

I love the produce California's Central Valley, and right now it is raining down on us. But we're leaving for a week-long trip to Minnesota tomorrow, so I've been doing my best to use up all the good stuff in our fridge.

When your husband gives you a huge bag of key limes ("Only a dollar at Pedrick's!"), you go out and buy eggs and milk, if you happen to be out, and make Sara's sponge pudding and two key lime coconut cakes. The pudding got eaten for dessert last night and then with iced coffee this afternoon. The cakes are in the freezer, waiting for an appropriate event when we get home.

When your husband also gives you a nice big bag of sweet cherries, which have been sitting out and are starting to get a little moldy, you make a cherry clafouti. This will be dessert tonight (and breakfast tomorrow).

And when your neighbors give you 20 pounds of luscious tomatoes from their garden, you stock up on jalapenos and serranos and make lots and lots of salsa. We made (and canned) four quarts the first afternoon, which used up just under half the tomatoes. We liked the salsa so much, we made another four quarts the following afternoon. We roasted all the vegetables. WIN.

 A big bowl of roasted tomato puree, and two cups of roasted pepper and onion puree.

The fruits of our labor!