Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday Friday Friday

I found a great new Sudoku site - it's got Samurai Sudokus, Killer Sudokus, and Killer Samurai Sudokus, as well as some 6x6 Sudokus which are kind of cute. I printed out one of the Killers and was trying to do some basic addition: 18+17+9+4. I was pretty sure they came to 48, but I decided to write it down just to be sure. It would be silly to mess up the entire puzzle with one faulty calculation in the first square, right? So I wrote down the column of numbers and sat there trying to add 8 and 7, only about 75% sure that the answer was 15. All of this is intended to illustrate the fact that...

I am SLEEPY today. I almost took a post-breakfast nap when I laid my head down on the table this morning. Uf da. I got 7 hours of sleep on Wednesday night and 6 hours last night, which should be enough. Alas. Not this week.

And now my ears are ringing - our printers have been going all morning, and I can hear the lights buzzing and the building humming. And once you become conscious of those ambient noises, it's almost impossible to ignore them.

It's my own fault, though, all this sleepiness, and I think it's worth it. Between Ultimate and the boyfriend, I had a great night last night. Even though I was pretty tired at pickup, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and running felt really good. And just like on Tuesday, I had some catches that I'm unaccustomed to making. It's like magic - I'm chasing down or cutting in for a disc, watching it as best I can, and somehow my body knows how to reach out for it. And then it's over. I look down, and there's this beautiful piece of plastic in my hand. I can't wait to play this weekend.

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