Monday, October 13, 2008

Classes, Corvallis, Cat!

Good thing #1: I'm officially enrolled in three pre-med classes at UC Davis this quarter! I didn't know if I'd get in, since priority goes to the degree-seeking students, but happily there was space for me. And so far, I'm really enjoying them. My first chemistry midterm is this Friday, followed by biology and physiology midterms on Monday.

Good thing #2: Regionals was fantastic. It was a long trip (a 9-hour drive to Corvallis, OR) but totally worth it. We played really well together; we were seeded 10th and finished 6th. Last year, the team came in 11th. I'm happy with how I played, and it was good to be outside on some beautiful fall days.

Good thing #3: Scott and I are getting a kitten!! I've been wanting a cat of my own for a long time, but had resigned myself to petlessness since Scott is allergic to cats and dogs. But then two weeks ago, we were sitting on the couch and, out of the blue, he asked me if I'd like to get a kitten. I was speechless. Turns out he found a breeder down in Los Gatos who breeds Siberians with particularly low levels of the protein Scott's allergic to. We went down to visit her that afternoon, and after spending an hour in her house, Scott proclaimed he was not allergic. We put down a deposit on one of the week-old kittens that was mewing on the couch and made tentative plans to pick him up when he's old enough to leave his mother, right after the new year. He'll look something like this:

We're already researching which tricks to teach him.