Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Year's weekend

I miss the weekend. It was wonderful. Here's the recap.

Friday - I left work an hour early, ran some bike errands and cleaned up the apartment a little. Paul and Liz came over and brought some takeout from Astor. We picked up Aaron at the airport, headed down to Caryn's house, and spent the night eating ice cream and cookies and watching a documentary about US Women's Soccer. Couldn't ask for a nicer evening!

Saturday - Spent the morning grocery shopping and prepping for the evening's party... doing my best to kill time before heading down to the airport to meet Scott's flight. We had a successful, very happy reunion and essentially spent the rest of the weekend together. The New Year's Eve party started around 8 and went off without a hitch. It included lots of good memories of 2005, lots of festive attire (like neat boas, a tuxedo, and leather pants), and a champagne toast. I think it was an excellent way to end 2005. Thanks to everyone who attended!

Sunday - We got to bed sometime after 3 and got up sometime after 9. Coffee, oatmeal, off to Ultimate. It was partly sunny and warm enough to wear shorts and a long-sleeved t-shirt. Poor Aaron was not playing because of a nasty ankle injury, but he took some great photos.
Sometime after 3, Scott and I headed off to the Sackler to see the "Style and Status: Imperial Costumes from Ottoman Turkey" exhibit. (This is a link to a pretty neat online version of the show.) From there, we got a wonderful, hot, quick dinner at Chinatown Express. The fresh noodles and dumplings definitely hit the spot. Since we were in Chinatown, we decided to check out the movie schedule and discovered we were just in time for King Kong. My favorite part was the giant toothed man-eating leeches, but I can't find any photos of them to post for you. You'll just have to go see the movie for yourself. It's pretty darn entertaining. Long, but fun.

Monday - I considered going to Ultimate, but... it was rainy out. And I felt lazy. And I figured my immune system would thank me for giving it a chance to do its thing. (I've been sick since last Thursday.) So I hung out Chez Scott and didn't actually go outdoors until after 6 pm, when he and I went out for dinner with Nate and Jess. We went to 2 Amys and had excellent Neapolitan pizza and red wine. I had a wonderful time. I had a wonderful weekend.

Happy New Year everyone!


peekp said...

This one looks like you facing off with some serial killer:


(I'm sure he is actually a wonderful person!)

RHL said...

he's actually creepy. He played at Nottoway pickup for a long time.. and we called him the X factor. It was Hillarious.. you could stack the team however you wanted.. didn't matter.. if you had him on your team.. you lost. EVERY time.. it was creepy.
That said.. he is a nice guy.. never said anything bad about anyone.. and loves to play just for the fun.