Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Paperwork headaches

I spent the morning filling out on-line forms so that I can get security clearance. It was annoying because
1. It's tedious.
2. I did all of this over the summer, but somehow all of my information was lost.
3. I can't go get fingerprinted (i.e. no excuse to leave the office), because the fingerprint cards they sent me have an incorrect social security number. I should be able to do that next week, though, when they send me new cards.
4. I have to provide a certified copy of my birth certificate, which involves filling out an application to the Minnesota Department of Health, getting it signed by a Notary Public and mailing it in along with a check for $16.

Once I got that wrapped up, I spent a little bit of time creating the evite for this weekend's Winter League game. Definitely more fun.

About 5 minutes ago, a woman called me to schedule an interview for a clinical administrative position here at Walter Reed. I'm not sure the job would be significantly more interesting than the one I have now. I'll know more by this time tomorrow.

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