Wednesday, January 18, 2006

If I go to yoga tonight, I risk sleeping through it.

Last week I read that you should try to try to get sleep in 90-minute blocks, because that's approximately how long a sleep cycle lasts, and it's best to wake up at the end of a cycle instead of in the middle of one. I slept for 6 hours last night, which should have been a nice, neat set of 4 cycles... but my alarm was definitely a rude awakening. I was in the middle of a dream in which I was playing a really cool antique Chinese 8-stringed violin. I'm pretty sure this instrument only exists in my imagination, where I'm very good at tuning and playing it.

So my alarm went off, and I dutifully rolled out of bed only to be greeted by a cold room and a rainy morning. I stumbled through coffee and oatmeal and seriously considered calling in sick and going back to bed. Instead, I packed up, hopped over the moat that had formed outside our front door and is currently being soaked up by the carpet inside the front door, and pedaled off. It was a nice ride - wet but warm, and the traffic lights were reflecting off the roads in big washes of color. I felt like I was in an Impressionist painting. I was pretty tired though, both mentally and physically.

In fact, I still am. I'm tempted to leave early today. I rescheduled the interview I had planned for today, as I'm not in top form.

You know, even though it's a little rough on the system, late-night pickup is still wonderful. I subscribe to Caribou Coffee's motto: life is short; stay awake for it. I'm not subscribing to their method for staying awake though. I'm down to drinking one cup of coffee in the morning and occasionally some tea in the afternoon. Besides that, I think I've got my caffeine addiction beat!

Other good news:
1. I don't have to get a certified copy of my birth certificate after all! Turns out a run-of-the-mill photocopy of my passport will do just fine. (See yesterday's post.)

2. I've always been a little disappointed with my kitchen sink for not having a sprayer. But I discovered that I can just hold a spoon under the faucet and spray water all over the place. Now it's fun and easy to rinse out the sink corners!

3. I got to chat with Scott for a few minutes this morning! He got to see a sunset and a thunderstorm on the flight down there.

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AG said...

so, whats the new job about? a step up?