Monday, December 19, 2005

Yoga... TDP... Pickup... Burlesque... Fire!

Minnesota is at the forefront of my mind this morning. My dad e-mailed me a bunch of snow pictures from around the house - beautiful. The one on the left here is the view from our patio. My sister is heading home today after spending the fall in Nova Scotia. I imagine she's pretty sad to be leaving Ian, but I'm jealous that she'll be in Duluth tonight. I get to go home on Thursday. Barring bad weather, I'll see my dad at the baggage claim at 4:30 pm CST. By 7:30, I'll be home in Duluth with the fam.

The weekend was nice. Pretty low-key. De-stressed after work on Friday at the gym, and then at yoga with Scott, and then at the Chi-Cha Lounge.

Saturday morning, he and I went to Mocha Hut for breakfast. Wonderful. Yoga after that, and then lunch at a Mexican bakery/carry-out place on Columbia Rd. It was warm enough to eat outside! Snowy Duluth is wonderful, but balmy DC is pretty nice too. I had a relaxing afternoon making and wrapping Christmas presents and then went downtown for an excellent meal with Team Dinner Party, the SO's and two Amy's. Fantastic. Such good company. We retired to Aaron's house, exchanged gifts and played Tabboo. (We had to keep stopping the game timer because we were laughing so much.) Thanks, everyone, for making it such a great evening.

Scott and I made molasses-banana-oatmeal pancakes on Sunday morning, and then I went to church where we got to sing "Joy to the World" - one of my favorites. It almost always makes me choke up a little bit. It's so... joyful. Reminds me of my favorite Bible verse: This is the day that the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it (Psalms 118:24). Went from church down to the polo fields for 4 hours of pickup. The geese are migrating over DC these days, so the fields are messy with goose poop... but it was warm and dry out, and I had a pretty good time playing. Stopped by Hecht's on the way home for some Christmas shopping. A funny/awkward event for two reasons. First, I was dirty from Ultimate and lugging around my messenger bag, helmet and muddy cleats. I felt a little offensive - a ball of sweat and mud in the midst of the glitzy cosmetics displays. Second, there was no way to fit my bulky shopping bag into my already full messenger bag, so I clipped it on with a carabiner and trundled up 11th Street. I felt like Santa Claus with a huge bag of gifts hanging over my shoulder.

Got home around 5, fed and cleaned myself, then met Scott and Kenneth and Kristen at Lobsterboy's burlesque show. There were a few underwhelming acts, but for the most part it was great. I got to see a flame swallower, a sword swallower, and a balloon swallower. There were some pretty funny naughty Christmas carols, and Trixie Little and the Evil Hate Monkey put on a few acts. I ended the evening at Armand's Solstice party, which involved burning festively-wrapped cardboard boxes on the grill in the backyard - a nice complement to his summer solstice Firewheel party.

Didn't get to sleep until midnight, which made it pretty hard to wake up this morning. My neck is less sore than it's been all weekend, but my right shoulder feels like I totally overworked it... which I didn't. I threw maybe five hammers on Sunday. Maybe it's the result of too many chaturangas at yoga? I suppose I should have stretched some after I finished playing yesterday!

An update on The Nutcracker...
We're not going.
They've canceled all of the remaining performances.

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