Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Halfway through Tuesday, halfway through my work week!

This pink background feels a little more festive, right? A little more appropriate for the holiday season? Good.

I spent some time this morning browsing through the Wellesley alumnae network, looking for women in DC with cool jobs. So far I found a biostatistician (here at Walter Reed!), two event coordinators at museums (National Gallery and National Museum of Women in the Arts), and a copy editor at the American Society for Microbiology (wink wink).

They're celebrating Chanukah here today, so I smell latkes and just saw a flock of little boys in navy pants, white button-down shirts and yarmulkes - pretty cute.

Last night...
  1. Totally successful grocery store run. Olives and anchovies and a red handkerchief to replace the napkin I've been using. It needs to be washed once or twice to soften it up though.
  2. Dinner with Scott - we made olive, anchovy, feta pizza. They were fancy anchovies - each fillet came rolled up around a caper. Yum.
  3. Marit got in around 11:00. She's a friend from Duluth who has a Georgetown med school interview today!
  4. We didn't get to bed until midnight - my second late night in a row - so I'm really sleepy today. Succumbed to coffee at work, something I try to avoid, especially before lunch. Crossing my fingers that I'll be awake for Gunston pickup tonight!

48 hours from now, I'll be at Reagan National Airport, set to fly home.

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