Thursday, December 08, 2005

Warm night, cold morning

I had a dental appointment yesterday afternoon down in Dupont, my first cleaning in about 2 years, I think. It was good! I like my new dentist a lot. Afterwards I met S. at Starbucks and tried to forget that the latte was staining my squeaky clean teeth. We discussed the potential of me joining him in Guatemala for a week in February. (!!!) From there, I went to yoga. It was a hard class, with a few poses I can't do yet, but it was fun to try. And it definitely felt good to get my muscles nice and loose in a warm, candlelit studio. I got home before 9, made dinner (eggplant!), talked to the parents, showered, and went to sleep between a pair of freshly laundered flannel sheets. Between Starbucks, yoga and those sheets, it was a darn cozy night!

This morning, however, has been quite the opposite. My fingers went numb on the bike to work. Usually I can depend on a shower to warm me up, but there wasn't any hot water at the gym. I got to office and made tea - it helped a little bit - but the hallway outside our office is freezing cold, and that means our office is chilly too. Brrr. Grrr.

Goals for today:
Start learning Visual Basic
Research Guatemalan tourist destinations
Play Ultimate!

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