Monday, December 12, 2005

Libby and Scott's First Quail Egg Ever

Really hard to say good-bye to the weekend this morning.

The recap:

I met up with some of my former AIDS Marathon training-mates at Gordon Biersch on Friday evening and had a great time reminiscing about the race. It was 6 weeks ago, but I still have really vivid memories from that day. One woman has run 3 marathons so far and predicted that a year from now, we'll be itching to go back and do another... She might be right.

Ended the night at Scott's house where he and his housemates were watching A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I was exhausted and dozed off a few times, but really enjoyed the parts of it that I saw!

Saturday morning was wonderfully lazy. Scott and I finally got moving around 2, had lunch at Astor (yum!) and then split up so that we could buy Christmas gifts for each other and run errands and stuff. I spent a little time at Caribou writing Christmas cards, and I bought a swag for the apartment. I've been pretty congested lately, so I can only assume that it makes the place smell good.

Saturday night some of our friends were hosting a "Prom". Everyone got dressed up in (silly) formal wear. Scott bought me a corsage (white roses) and took me out to dinner - sushi! I ate my first quail egg ever, and my first sea urchin. So strange. The Prom was great. Fun guests, good music, lots of dancing. Cotton candy and spiked punch, crotchety chaperones, a king and queen, a disco ball, posed photos in front of a backdrop... the hosts went all out.

Sunday morning was almost as lazy as Saturday. Great pancakes, with bananas and walnuts and lemon juice. Pickup was alright - sort of a messy game, but it's always nice to run around outside with friends. I think I have plantar fasciitis in my right foot though. Grrr. Dinner at Ben's Chili Bowl afterwards with Paul, Aaron, Liz and Christi. Very satisfying. Spent the evening cleaning myself, my clothes and my apartment, wishing my father a happy birthday, writing more Christmas cards and working a crossword puzzle.

I really wanted to have another lazy morning this morning. Alas.

Totally looking forward to a week of yoga, pickup, Scott's office party, and THE NUTCRACKER.

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