Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My favorite topics: Ultimate and Minnesota

Everyone told me that turf fields are really fast, but for some reason I didn't notice it until last night - my third time at those fields. It was so fun to have fast legs and sharp defense! It was fun to have a body and fun to play Ultimate with that body. Maybe I was just more energetic than usual.

The tough part about weeknight Ultimate is that it pushes back my bedtime. I get home a little after 10, but I'm hungry and thirsty and all keyed up. Last night I got to sleep a little before midnight. Five and a half hours of sleep isn't bad... but I'm going to feel it later this week. I didn't get much sleep the previous night either, because the mice that live in my walls woke me up at 4 am. It's really amazing how much noise those little buggers can produce! So far, none of them have died in my bed though. That happened to Josie.

Anyways, about weeknight winter Ultimate. It's cold, and late, but it's totally worth it. I love playing, especially with this particular group of people.

Bonus material! Here's an e-mail I got from Fred this morning:
Do you remember those days waking up to not the buzz of the alarm, or cranked out morning show personalities but dad firing up the snowblower and making a path of escape for the cars? yeah it's one of those days.

Do you remember the times, eyes open but your mind far from fully operational thinking about the day of school ahead of you? Then groggily descending to the kitchen where mom would give the report that all the Duluth schools are closed? Yeah it's one of those days.
I'm excited to go home.

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