Tuesday, December 06, 2005

It did snow!

There's snow on the ground! Right now, I love it. I'm at my desk, drinking tea, looking out at the clean white ground, frosted branches, and blue sky.

Last night, it was a little more difficult to appreciate. The roads were wet but not icy, so that part was just like biking in the rain. The hard part was the snow flying in my eyes. I rode as slowly and deliberately as possible (which meant I was pretty chilly), and every once in a while, when I stopped for a traffic light, I noticed how pretty the snow looked falling through the streetlights.

I finally got home and got a flat tire just as I was pulling into the alley. The garage door was broken... again. Sigh. Brought my bike inside, got some laundry going, managed to get to City Bikes right before they closed. Amazing how fast they can install a new tube. Picked up chili ingredients at Safeway, stopped back at my house where I had forgotten my helmet, headed north to Delafield. The snow was still blinding and I still had to ride very deliberately. I arrived exhausted - felt like I had been driving in bad traffic for hours. But that was the end of all the bad stuff. Scott immediately started taking care of me. Let me take a hot shower while he did chili prep. Suddenly, I was clean and warm and dry and in a bright kitchen filled with good cooking smells. I chatted with his housemates and drank beer while he worked and the chili simmered. A lovely night.
So even if I didn't enjoy the winter wonderland from my bike, the whole experience primed me to fully appreciate a cozy dinner on a cold winter night.

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