Tuesday, December 06, 2005

In case you were wondering how to clean your uniform boots...

From my Wally World inbox, re. the recommended method for the cleaning of the Tan Flesh Out Hot Weather Combat Boots:

Please keep this link on your favorites so that you may be able to have access to it when soldiers inquire as to the recommended cleaning process for these boots.

  1. Wear with: 1 pair of socks, cushion sole, acrylic, polyester olefin or nylon/lycra blend or other depending on safety/uniform requirements; 1 pair of insole inserts if desired.
  2. Sizes. These boots are supplied in whole and half sizes 2 through 16 and widths N (B), R (D), W (EE), and XW (EEEE). In some instances, it may be necessary to select a slightly larger size than normally worn in order to allow for normal swelling of the feet and the use of insole inserts or cushioned socks.
  3. Pull on boot seating heel firmly into place, then lace. Boots should fit snugly but not tightly. There should be at least a 3/4-inch minimum additional length at toe.
  4. Trousers should be bloused over the outside and below the comfort collar of the boot.
  5. Break-in: DO NOT soak boots in water or bake in an oven to break-in. Boots should be worn in gradually at first with ever-increasing walking or marching distances while remaining comfortable. If blistering occurs, check to make sure that boots are fitted properly and that you are wearing recommended socks.
  6. Your Combat Boots are made of water resistant materials. Boots may become damp or wet due to excessive perspiration or water coming over the top of the boot or in through the drainage eyelets. If boots become wet, empty excess water, change socks, and continue to wear while changing socks regularly. Boots will dry much faster when worn than if left to stand and dry. DO NOT expose boots to excessive heat to dry, including hair dryers, heating vents, stoves etc.
  7. Your Combat Boot is designed for maximum performance in a field environment. Do not apply polish to your Combat Boots.
  8. Your Combat Boots are designed to be easy to care for. The nylon quarter side panels of your boots are as strong as leather and will last if cared for properly. To clean your Combat Boots, brush with stiff nylon bristle brush to clean and then use warm water. Do not use soap to clean your boots. If additional, more stringent cleaning is necessary, only water-soluble cleaning products should be used as oil- or alcohol-based cleaning products may damage your boots.
  9. Your Combat Boots come with a replaceable rubber outsole. Do not wear sole past rubber outsole into the softer midsole material or permanent damage to your boots will occur. The midsole is the soft cushioned material between the rubber lug outsole and the boot upper.
  10. (Must include information on how/where the boots can get resoled or who to contact to receive information on resoling.)

Also, here's an innovation in grilled cheese technology!

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