Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Let me make one thing perfectly clear

Yes, I'm terribly excited about going home. (I'll be on the plane less than 24 hours from now!) But that doesn't mean I'm not going to miss DC and all of my friends here!

Driving home from Ultimate last night was just a little bit melancholy. I had a wonderful time... and I won't be back at pickup for a full 2 weeks. I'll miss playing, but I'll miss the people way more.

Good thing I like my family as much as I do.


RHL said...

How could there even be a question of this?
It is funny.. I am home right now..working from my parents dining room table.. and it's AWESOME to be with my parents.. we are making plans to renovate the kitchen into something much cooler.. and are doing bunches of other stuff..
BUT.. the hardest thing about flying up on a Wed... I MISS THURSDAY PICKUP!
Sheesh.. and pickup isn't just the ultimate by any stretch.. it seeing all the great people we count among our closest friends..
To be honest: Damn.. we lead pretty kick ass lives.. kick ass families, kick ass friends, kick ass sport..
To quote Aaron/Paul (depening on the day/who is making fun of whome.. though I think Aaron started it): We are, like, the coolest people ever ;)

aaron said...

That's all Paul.

He gets the credit for that.

We're remarkably fortunate folks. An important thing to remember.