Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Midweek Mucus

Not a whole lot to report. I could have (and wanted to) play Ultimate last night. But instead, I decided to focus my energy on letting the old immune system do its thing. I don't feel very sick, but congestion is no fun. Scott and I went to yoga*, which felt good, and then to the Caverns where I thoroughly enjoyed my Gueze. We only stayed about an hour though - long enough to check in with Vince and Tim, short enough to ensure an early bedtime.

Anticipation is a good thing:
  1. I get to leave work early today for a dental appointment!
  2. Ultimate on Thursday!
  3. Happy hours on Friday!
  4. A Prom on Saturday!
  5. Ultimate on Sunday!
  6. Scott's taking me to see The Nutcracker!!!
  7. I'll be home in Minnesota in 15 days!

* The yoga teacher played soemthing from Iron and Wine's new album. I liked it. Anyone know anything about the album? Is it worth getting?

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