Monday, May 01, 2006

I have tickets to Potlatch!

I got to play in a tournament over the weekend, and I just bought my tickets to go out for Potlatch in Seattle in July. It feels like summer (i.e. the Ultimate season) is really starting now!

The tournament this weekend was a little frustrating because it was so windy. It's just demoralizing when basic things like throws and catches don't work as well as they're supposed to. Nonetheless, our team had fabulous spirit from the first point on Saturday morning to the last one on Sunday afternoon, it was sunny and dry, and we got to hang out in a gorgeous, enormous beach house. Highlights – walking down to the Atlantic with Aaron and Charles on Saturday after our games and inspecting the horseshoe crabs; coffee and pancakes from the little deli in town; a nice little inside-out forehand I threw to Shamik (I have an awful memory for plays, but for some reason this one stuck in my head.); playing with Ono on Sunday afternoon (I love my current team, BRDM, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss Ono!); and, because I really am this sappy, getting to watch Scott play.

Pretty impatient for another tournament. Hopefully I’ll get to go to Bell Crack in Philly in two weeks! Probably won’t go to Mixed Easterns in Boston, as there are already a bunch of women going. No Poultry Days (Versailles, Ohio) this summer because it’s the same weekend as Fred’s graduation. But then there’s Potlatch in Seattle at the end of June, Wildwood (New Jersey) at the end of July, and maybe Chesapeake Open (here) at the end of August… unless I’m in Minnesota then.

Not much other news. But here’s a picture of my brother on his way to Prom! He’s second from the left, in the bowtie.

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