Friday, May 19, 2006


Things to do after work:
- Pack for the tournament
- Make a batch of energy bars (for the tournament)
- Meet Margaret for dinner at the Diner

Things to pack
Field things:
- Cleats!
- Socks, socks, and more socks.
- Shorts, or a skirt and spandex. Hmm.
- Dark and white jerseys.
- Sports bra.
- Pants, long-sleeved shirt, rain jacket.
- Ibuprofin, sunscreen, nail clippers, sports tape.
- Nalgene, apples, energy bars, ginger snaps.
- Cowbell.
- A frisbee. An orange or blue one, so I'm less likely to lose it.
Other things:
- Pajamas, toothbrush, shampoo.
- Jeans, t-shirt, hoodie.
- Directions to the three Dairy Queens located within five miles of our hotel.
- CDs for the car: The Wellesley Whiptails mix, and the Duluth Ultimate Soundtrack, volumes 1 and 2.
- Phone, charger, wallet

Goals for the weekend?
- Don't drop the disc.
- Make real cuts.
- Layout. (Yeah right!)
- Sprint hard, from the first point of the first game Saturday until the last point of the last game Sunday.

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RHL said...

You Go Girl!
Man.. I wish I could be there both days.. but I guess a friends wedding is a good reason why I can't.. and i'll get to be there on Sunday.. so I get something out of it :)
Kick ass tomorrow for me though!!!!