Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Elsa the Cat

Cats and Dogs
I don’t entirely trust people without pets. Sure, they may have allergies, busy schedules, an aversion to fur balls on the white carpet or suspicious paw prints across the kitchen counter. But caring for an animal gives a person something unique, a centered balance that affects each aspect of life.

My sister and I have been fostering Elsa, one of the animal victims of Hurricane Katrina. She's a wonderful little thing, affectionate and playful and surprisingly vocal, and we're happy to foster her as long as she needs it. But she deserves a permanent home. If you know of anyone who could use a cat, let me know!

From the adoption website:

Elsa is a curious and friendly cat who came to 4Paws after surviving Hurricane Katrina. After spending the first two days hiding in the tiniest of places, Elsa relaxed and became very open and affectionate.

Elsa likes plenty of human contact although she is too young to be truly a lap cat—probably less than a year old. The bedraggled cat has developed into a healthy one with an appetite for wet and dry food and now looks sleek and well nourished.

Elsa likes to play with anything that rattles and that she can bat about. Although she seems happier to be the only cat in the room, she has spent several months in one room with her step-sister, Heather, from Mississippi so she could certainly co-exist and probably befriend another cat. Elsa demands plenty of petting, and wants to sleep on your chest or even share your pillow. If you’re looking for a second cat to keep your cat company because you’re not home enough, she’s not the cat for you.

Elsa is spayed; tested negative for Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDS; and current on vaccines.
(I beg to differ with the "not a lap cat" comment. She loves sitting on our laps!)

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Alissa said...

what a funny, but cute cat! Elsa, nice name. Did I tell you that our new apartment won't allow cats? I only looked at places that would, and thus did not bother to see dozens of places, and once we fell in love with the place we are moving he says he strongly prefers no cats. I begged, to no avail. Heartbreak for 2 more years...then maybe I can get two to make up for lost time!