Thursday, May 04, 2006

I'm such a sucker for tournaments.

Just bought tickets to Boston for the weekend of June 3rd. I couldn't help myself. It will be a busy month, but what would I rather be doing with myself? I also told Jeremy and Jerry that I'd play in the Clique C League tournament in a few weeks. I'm excited - WonderBred is a super fun team that I haven't seen enough of lately.

On the Fred Front, he told me today that his classmates elected him to be the student speaker at their Baccalaureate this June. He'll be great. What's really cool is that he also spoke at my Baccalaureate seven years ago. The fifth graders, the youngest students at Marshall, wrote down their hopes and wishes for the graduating seniors. Fred was the one who got to read them to us.

On the Job Front, here's a NYT article about being able to withdraw cash from real world ATMS from a virtual world. And here's an editorial about it.

On the Things That Make Me Happy front, Scott and I are going climbing tonight! I haven't gone for a week and a half now, which feels like forever. BRDM practice last night felt wonderful, depsite being sore from Tuesday's track workout. I caught things that I usually don't. Scott and I had dinner at Astor afterwards. Kebabs and greek salads. Mmm.

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Jenn said...

hey libby - i might get staffed on a project up in baltimore.. how close is that to dc? it would be great if we could meet up for some disc and some climbing!