Monday, May 29, 2006

Enter Pirates.

A lovely weekend, punctuated by pirates.

1. Chris and Alissa arrived on Thursday night, bearing gifts of french roast coffee, fresh produce from a Maryland farm stand, and a Jolly Roger that Chris picked up from "The Flag Guy" in New Haven. So exciting! I've never owned my own Jolly Roger before! We had a quiet night at home - cooked dinner, met Ross the New Subletter, bought a video at Blockbuster (because they only rent DVDs nowadays), and enjoyed cantelope and champagne.

2. We'd planned on a picnic dinner and live jazz in the sculpture garden for Friday, but a bunch of rain canceled those plans. Instead, we had a Chinatown Express fresh noodle dinner and saw X-Men. And I got to see the preview for the next Pirates of the Caribean movie! This time, there are not only ghost pirates. There are fish-ghost-pirates. Can't wait to see it! X-3 was good - I haven't seen either of the first two, so Alissa filled me in on what was going on and who was who.

3. On Saturday, the weather was nice, and we managed to get our picnic dinner/Shakespeare in the Park in. The play was Pericles, and one of the (many) absurd plot twists was a band of pirates kidnapping a girl who was about to be killed. A fun moment in a really fun production.

No pirates on Sunday, to my memory. Chris and Alissa took off in the morning, and I went to church - my last chance to see my pastor who's resigning in June. I'm not sure what the conflict is, but I wish she weren't leaving. I think she's great. I wanted to do a track workout but couldn't find an open track, so I went to yoga instead, which was pretty nice. A little violin, and then up to Delafield.

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