Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Midweek Update

Climbing on Monday night was phenomenal. Scott and I went with Nathan, who I’ve met once before when we all went tango dancing, and Rachel, who I just met that night and who made a great climbing partner. I felt nice and strong and was much closer to completing some routes that were pretty inaccessible the last time I went. Yay!

I did a track workout on Tuesday - I don’t think it took as long as last week’s – it was a bunch of short sprints, between 20 and 100 meters, instead of all those 400’s, but it certainly felt harder. I guess it’s because I’m just not used to that kind of workout. The Cardozo track right by my house was open, so I got to use that instead of the one up by Scott’s house. I had forgotten how much nicer (softer) it is. My warm-up laps felt like moon walking!

I spent the rest of the night at Scott’s house. We watched Walk the Line, which was a pretty good substitute for Swan Lake. Every time I woke up during the night, I had Johnny Cash music in my head. Not a bad thing – I really like it and am thinking of downloading some.

Tonight I’m off to a Josh Ritter conert – Aaron spearheaded the outing, and convinced Jesseca, Liz, Scott and I to join him. We’re missing BRDM practice on a beautiful evening, but I’m pretty sure it will be worth it.

Tomorrow… climbing or violin? I should practice. I haven’t practiced since Sunday, and I’m going to a tournament this weekend, so I won’t have another opportunity to practice until Monday. Also, going climbing means getting to bed pretty late; I’m already a behind on sleep this week and certainly won’t get caught up this weekend! But climbing is so fun, so addictive. We’ll see what my muscles have to say about it tomorrow.

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Jenn said...

ah, the thought of climbing outdoors makes me happy :)

i finally posted some pics of the babes, but sadly i don't have too many!!