Monday, May 22, 2006

Bell Crack tournament recap

It was a great weekend! LT and Sasha and I got off to a late start on Saturday morning and missed the first game... but after that it was great. We won one game that day and lost the others, but played well as a team - definitely improved over the course of the day. Sunny, windy weather. Absolutely gorgeous fields. Pizza and beer provided by the tournament at the end of the day, so we hung out and consumed, stretched, played games, napped, generally enjoyed each other's company. Eventually went back to the hotel, showered, made our way to an Italian place for a 9:30 dinner. I didn't get to bed until midnight, but I was up at 5 on Sunday morning with images of Ultimate already flashing through my mind - too impatient to play to be able to sleep, I guess. We lost both our games on Sunday, but continued to play really well.

I'm so excited to be on this team. At the last tournament, I was still a little nostalgic for Ono. But this weekend, I felt much more integrated into the BRDM family. And that was wonderful.

I'm mostly happy with how I played. My legs felt really weak, for some reason, like I couldn't get them out of first gear. Sprinting took a lot more effort than it usually does - I'd come off after a point and feel completely drained of energy. I'm not really sure why. But it's amazing how much energy I got from my teammates - watching them play hard and hearing them cheering on the sidelines. They made a huge difference. Thanks guys! In terms of my goals from last Friday: I didn't layout. I dropped the disc more than I should have. I wish I'd been able to sprint more consistently, but I'm glad I was still working hard at it during the end of our last game. My cuts were alright, not spectacular. I'm definitely impatient for practice this week and for our next tournament (Easterns, in Boston, June 3-4).

52 hours until Scott gets home!

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RHL said...

You failed to mention some super sweet throws and the fact that with a couple of injuries you were forced to play an absurd number of points in the last game, and against women who just ran and ran.. and you did it all with a smile :)