Saturday, March 04, 2006

There's nothing like napping with a cat.

Just woke up from a 3-hour long nap. So much for going for a run this afternoon! The nap was wonderful. Sun was pouring in the window onto the futon, and I had the cat curled up right next to me. Now I'm listening to Garrison Keillor, broadcasting live from Grand Forks, North Dakota this week. But I'm heading over to an Ono team meeting/party in a little while, and I need to clean my room first. I've had laundry strewn all over it for days now.

Announcements (fun ones and then boring ones)

- Save the date of Saturday, March 25th. I'm turning 25 this month (a quarter century!), so I'm going to have some sort of birthday party that day. Not quite sure what exactly... let me know if you have suggestions. Too bad there's not a centrally-located Dairy Queen!

- Margaret had her first race of the season today and did really well, placing 7th out of 25 class A (upper level) cyclists. Yay!

- Once I get back from Guatemala, I need to shop for health insurance for myself. Let me know if you have any experience doing this!

- My new job is wonderful, but it's going to be a 6-month-to-a-year kind of gig. So I've still got my ear to the ground job-wise. And I figure the more people who know I'm on the job market, the better!

Woo hoo! Guatemala is only 4 days away!!

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