Monday, March 20, 2006

From Miami's Airport

We had a nice wrap-up morning in Antigua - one last rooftop breakfast, a stop by the jewelery store for my (custom-made) jaguar charm, liquados and fresh fruit in a courtyard cafe... then back to Guatemala City. Amazing that the door-to-door trip, from the Antigua hotel to Chez Limon, is only 12 hours. It feels like a lot though. I miss Scott already. (He has one more day of work, so isn't flying home until tomorrow.) I guess it makes sense to go through a little withdrawl period after spending so much time (281 hours) with him.

The take-off and landing of the flight also made me a little melancholy; all the urban-ness of Guatemala City and Miami is so ugle. All the pollution, all the roads and houses... I'd much rather live in a city than in a pristine cloud forest, but seeing those cities from the air made me sad.

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