Friday, March 03, 2006

The Brassicaceae family was formerly called Cruciferaceae.

I strayed from kale tonight... I feel a little guilty for flirtying with another member of the family. But I had this recipe for chamomile-cauliflower soup that calls for 6 chamomile tea bags (you brew strong tea and use that instead of broth). Since I don't like the chamomile tea that I have right now, this seemed like a good way to use it up. And I was right! It's a pretty tasty soup.

Another kale betrayal: there were fresh brussel sprouts at the store today. They're one of my favorite spring foods, so I had to pick some up.

My last brassicaceae (try typing that ten times fast!) comment for the day: radishes and rutabagas are also members of the family! Two more great veggies! I had no idea!

Last night I dreamt that I was talking to some Ultimate players who were going to Lake Fairfax for a tournament and didn't have enough people. They asked me to go, and I agreed to go. I was actually pretty excited about going out to play and was disappointed that I couldn't find a ride out there. I think this means I'll be ready to play again when I get back from Guatemala. Yaay! I've been waiting for this feeling for a long time.

Hmm, I get back on March 20. Fools Fest is April 1. I haven't played since January 1.

5 days until I leave for Guatemala! I took my last typhoid pill today, so my immune system is as prepared as it's going to be for the organisms it will encounter down there...

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