Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ready for takeoff!

Today's the day! Twelve hours from now, I'll be deplaning, ready to begin a Guatemalan adventure. Watch this space in 2 weeks for trip photos.

I got to go see Don Juan at the Shakespeare Theater last night. (Many thanks to Brian for the tickets and to Amy for taking me as her date!) I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wish I knew a little more about Moliere and the circumstances he was writing about, but despite fact that I felt like I was missing things, I still learned a lot, and had a lot to think about and found it very funny and accessible. One of my favorite scenes was in the first act. Don Juan is going on about why he loves serial female conquests, and the whole time his servant Sganarelle is helping him change clothes, from one elaborate sixteenth century costume into another. The layers, the fabrics, the fastenings, it was fascinating!

My cat, Elsa, gives scalp massages! It turns out that one of her favorite places to sleep is on my pillow, right behind my head. Before she settles down, she has to knead the surface, which happens to be covered with hair. So she crouches there, purring into my ear and tugging on your hair, which feels great on the scalp. Now to teach her some commands, like "a little farther down".

Time to throw some clothes in the dryer, make a quick trip to the grocery store, and pack! Ciao! Adios!

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