Thursday, March 23, 2006

Fairly Tame Residence in the District

While Guatemala is still firmly in my mind (I'm cooking a nice traditional Guatemalan dinner tonight, complete with homemade tortillas!), I did 3 things today that reinforce my residence in DC. I canceled my Minnesota bank account, since it doesn't have any East Coast branches; I converted my (expired) Minnesota driver's license to a DC license; and I registered to vote in DC. The banking piece means fewer headaches for me, but I'm a little sad about having to give up my MN license. It had holographic snowflakes on it! The woman wouldn't even let me keep it. She just dropped it into a shredder.

Still, it's sort of a cool thing to have a DC license. There aren't that many residents of this city, so it's sort of a rarity, right? It expires in 2011; I wonder what I'll be doing then.

Quick note: I edited my March 14th and 15th posts to include some photos. More to follow!

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