Monday, March 27, 2006

I have a commute again!

This morning Sibley and Jonah and I moved into our new office space, so now I'll be commuting downtown each morning. I'm happy to have a switch from working at home all the time, but I will miss having Elsa the cat on my lap while I work, and now Chez Limon is back to an internetless existence.

I had a fabulous weekend up in Gettysburg celebrating Scott's friend Emily's 30th birthday. We drove up Saturday afternoon, hung out, saw a little photography show at the college, tossed (yay!), ate lots of good pizza, and then returned to Emily's parents' house where we cleaned up, dressed up and got the party started. It was a really wonderful celebration - tons of family and friends from PA and beyond came out, and everyone was so excited to be there together.

We spent the night at a neighbor's house (which had a note on the unlocked front door: Friends of Emily's are friends of ours. Make yourselves at home!), and then spent Sunday eating brunch, learning about the Gettysburg civil war history, eating some more and discussing enneagrams before heading back to DC around 7. A lovely group of people to spend time with!

The big plans for this week start on Thursday night when my parents fly in for the weekend! Yay! If you're going to be at Fools Fest on Sunday, come over and meet them!

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