Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Semuc-Champey = more swimming in a river!

Sunday -
We got to have a lazy Sunday morning and then spent most of the day traveling - first a chicken bus (an old school bus which offers very cheap transportation all over the country) from Rio Dulce to Los Ranchos, and then a pullman to Coban. Upon arrival, around 6pm, we were approached by "Eric from Portland" who offered us a room in his father's B&B right across the street from where we were standing getting our bearings. We took him up on his offer and have a room for Q35 per night (about $5). We chatted with Marvin from the tourist office, got tortillas and grilled meat from a wagon off the main square, and then walked down to see a religious procession. Neat.

Monday -
Up at 6 to catch a 7am microbus to Semuc-Champey. Gorgeous river, spent 4 hours there swimming, hiking to the top of the hill for a beautiful vista, and then more swimming. After a little lunch, the bus took us to Lanquin where there are some big caves. It was slimy with guano, and the electric lights weren't working, so it wasn´t the most comfortable experience, but I´m definitely glad I got to see it. Arrived back in Coban around 8 filthy and ravenous. Got a great meal at a little place off the main square, then returned to the B&B for much-needed shower and sleep.

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