Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hockey in Minnesota, and the Super Fan

I'm so impatient for warm weather! I want to be able to go outside without bundling up. I feel a little silly whining like this, since I'm from Minnesota and it's not really all that cold out. My brother is still reveling in winter - here's a link to his recent post about the state hockey tournament. I think it's great.

And here's what my mom had to say about the whole affair:
I just returned from St. Paul as I had driven down to watch the Marshall Hockey Team play - actually that is not true. I went down to watch Fred in action as Super fan. He is very good - Marshall out cheered the other school and our team out played the other school winning 4 to 2. They play again on Friday and if they win then, they will play on Saturday, and if so we will probably go down for that game. Fred really is a minor celebrity. I met a couple of new parents who said - you are "Fred's Mom - he is so great". I decided that it was almost more cool to be the mother of Super Fan than of one of the hockey players.
My parents are coming to DC the weekend of Fools Fest and will come out to watch a game or two on Sunday. Too bad they're not bringing Fred!

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