Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday PM

I tried to practice my violin last night; it's one of those things I've been meaning to do for quite some time, and finally found the time, energy, motivation, lack of people to disturb, etc. Sadly, I took out my instrument and discovered I had a broken D string. So I picked up a new set of strings today after lunch (a nice kebab lunch with Team Dinner Party). Cheap, not the brand I usually get, but convenient. Good enough until I can order a nicer replacement online. Good enough to let me practice tonight! I'm excited!

We didn't get to go climbing over the weekend. It was pretty wet outside. But a lazy day at Delafield is nothing to sneeze at, especially when it involves baking banana bread and playing Scrabble.

Sunday was gorgeous. Palm Sunday service in the morning, first BRDM practice of the year in the afternoon.

Right now I'm waiting for immigrants' rights demonstrators to come marching past my office. Sixteenth Street is still open to traffic. I thought they'd close it by now.

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