Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Sproats Go to Washington

The past weekend was pretty darn nice.

1) It started on Thursday night. My parents flew in, and Margaret and Scott and I met them at Coppi's for dinner. Margaret made friends with the owner and scored a free t-shirt when he discovered she's a cyclist. It was my parents' first time meeting Scott, an event that went well by all accounts. And, of course, the meal was excellent. It's organic Italian cuisine. If you live in DC and haven't been, go!

2) While my parents admired the peaking cherry blossoms, Scott and I drove down to Fredericksburg to join the Mighty Mighty Hurricanes (Amherst High School's alum team) at Fools Fest. I was nervous going into it - I hadn't played in months and wasn't looking forward to being rusty and out of shape. But I didn't feel all that bad after all - it would have been nearly impossible to feel bad under such great weather conditions and alongside such fun, spirited teammates. We played (and won) three games, and then

(3) Scott and I headed back to DC for another dinner with my family - this time a birthday celebration at Chez Limon for the women. Mom and I have March birthdays, and Margaret is an Aries. We arrived exhausted and hungry and very appreciative of my sister's vegetable lasagna. Carrot birthday cake, a little gift exchange (hooray for buying presents in Guatemala!), the Guatemala slideshow for Mom and Dad, and bed.

(4) Will kindly picked us up on Saturday morning for Day 2 of the tournament. Again, gorgeous weather, fabulous teammates. We won 2 of our 3 games and played really well all day long. We finished around 4 which meant we had a long time to crash at the hotel before the tournament party. Showering, eating pizza, watching the George Mason basketball game, napping.

(5) It's a good thing I volunteered to help out at the party. Otherwise I would have gone straight to bed and missed it entirely. Instead, Scott and Nick and I (Nick, who I met 5 years ago as a coworker at Explo and haven't heard from since!) headed downstairs where we poured beer for an hour. I managed to dance and socialize until 12:30, and then I was very done for the day.

(6) My parents came out to watch on Sunday! They saw our 14-13 win over Donkey Bomb and our 15-8 loss (but well-played loss) to the Brown University alums. It was really really wonderful to have them there - they haven't seen me play real (non-Duluth pickup) Ultimate before. They couldn't have picked nicer weather or a more exciting game to watch. Many thanks to my friends who chatted with them on the sidelines and filled them in on what was going on! My parents headed back to DC while the rest of us lingered - we had finals to watch, sun to soak, alcohol to consume.

(7) We stopped at Dairy Queen on the way home.

(8) Super quick showers before meeting the parents and sister at Tono Sushi in Woodley Park for dinner. Lovely! I often feel like I'd be friends with my family even if I weren't related to them. I wish we could have spent more time together... but I'll be heading home for Fred's graduation in June and will spend about a week there, so I'll get to see a lot of them then.

I feel like this list should extend to 10. So... 2 little post-weekend tack-ons.

(9) I went running after work yesterday, because I wanted to see the cherry blossoms one more time. They were beautiful, and they smelled beautiful. I was doubly glad I went when I did, because there was a big storm last night and the petals were all rained and blown down.

(10)Only three weeks now until Swan Lake! Scott's taking me since our Nutcracker date was such a sad failure.

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