Monday, April 24, 2006

Practicing Handel instead of handling

One of the nicest things I did this weekend was practice my violin. Wet fields suddenly opened up my Sunday afternoon schedule (BRDM practice was canceled), so I played the violin for two hours. I surprised myself - I expected to get sore or frustrated after 20 minutes, but in fact it felt wonderful. My brand new D string is still getting stretched out, so I had to retune it between every piece, and sometimes in the middle of a piece, but besides that my instrument sounded good.

Last night I dreamt about playing. I heard this story on NPR, about a violin exhibit at the Library of Congress, and I dreamt that my violin was on display there. I was visiting it, and even though the library had just closed, the librarian let me take it out and play it. My alarm went off just as I was trying to tune the D string.

I'm impatient to play again, but I'm going climbing tonight instead.

Another nice thing I did this weekend - danced in the kitchen with Scott while we made dinner and an apple pie to celebrate his birthday.

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