Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Radishes are my new favorite vegetable.

Not too much to report from today. I'm in the process of shopping for a new gym, so today after my workout at Washington Sports Club (where I've been using a free trial membership), I visited Mint Fitness, which just opened at Florida and 18th, and then Results, at U and 16th. They're all very nice, and close to home... but they're just so expensive. And I really wouldn't use a lot of what I'd be paying for. Mostly I want a studio, a stability ball, a bunch of dumb bells, and maybe a cable machine and a pull up machine. So I'm sure I'll end up at Fitness First, which is cheap and perfectly adequate... but downtown so I'd have to bike through more traffic to get there. Then again, I won't be working from home forever, so downtown won't always be such a trek.

Like I said, not much to report today!

I made a nice cream of broccoli soup last night. And I picked up some chinese cabbage and kale at the store that I want to do something with.

Oh, so I was thinking more about climbing. One of the things that I really liked about it was how in-the-moment I was. It's probably the kind of mental state you're supposed to be in during a yoga class, but the last time I remember feeling it this strongly was during high school, during ballet and especially violin performances. I remember reaching the end of a piece and having absolutely no sense of how much time had passed since I began and very little memory of the performance itself. A little surreal. Climbing was the same way. I have a few mental snapshots of myself at the gym on various walls, but mostly I remember landing on the ground, proud of myself for reaching the top but with very little idea of how I got there and a sense that I must have been totally focused on my body and on the present moment during the climb. Maybe it has something to do with adrenaline. I wonder if it will feel the same next time I go, or if the shock will have worn off. I can't wait to find out!

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