Thursday, February 23, 2006

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So... I've been quite the slacking blogger these days. Which is good, really, because it means my new job is keeping me occupied and interested. It's still sort of hard to believe that less than a month ago, I was still plugging away at Walter Reed. I still feel so lucky to have fallen into this new position.

Some updates...
Margo's Canadian boyfriend spent the past week with us, and now the two of them are in New York, one stop on a little Northeast tour. It was good to see him, and it was really good to see the two of them together. It's easy to forget how lucky I am to live less than 2 miles from my boyfriend!

The Happening was a success. It was pretty chilly out, so all of the events had to happen in a sort of cramped space upstairs instead of in a heated tent out back, but everything worked. Nina put together a poetry slam, which was really exciting; and I got to catch up with Chad which was wonderful; and I got to dance towards the end of the evening, which was fun even though I was exhausted. The mixed reality portion of the night was so cool. Experiencing the parallels between this world and Second Life was powerful and exciting. It made SL come alive for me.

I'm itching for warmer weather. Yesterday was cold and rainy, making it just a little more difficult than usual to go out and do errands. I had one great errand though - I got my hepatitis A and tetanus-diptheria vaccines in preparation for next month's trip to Guatemala! I got plane tickets over the weekend, so the trip is becoming more and more concrete. I still need to do a bunch of research in terms of what I want to see when I go down there. Up until now, all of my overseas travels have been in Europe, so I'm definitely excited for some totaly new experiences.

We have a new foster cat! She's named Elsa and is a 1-year-old Katrina victim. We've had her since Saturday evening, and she's finally getting brave enough to spend most of her time out in the apartment as opposed to hiding in the stairwell. Very affectionate, very vocal. Let me know if you (or anyone else) would like to adopt her! Margo and I are more than happy to have her living with us, but we can't adopt her for good, and she certainly deserves a good permanent home!

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