Monday, February 27, 2006

Day 2 (Saturday) in New York was a success. I slept in until 10 (shocking - I must have really needed it), and then Kate and Jaime and I headed out for the day. A fabulous diner breakfast at Daisy's, and then up to the American Museum of Natural History where we covered substantial ground. I made a point of visiting the Mayan sections in preparation for my upcoming trip (!!) but the highlight was the special exhibit on Darwin - I learned a bunch, got all of my questions answered and had fun! We had a Whole Foods dinner before hopping on the subway to head home. Uneventful Peter Pan ride home - got lots of Guatemala guide book reading done, which was nice. And Scott picked me up at the bus station in DC, which was very nice.

A lovely Sunday as well - I got to go rock climbing (at an indoor gym) with Scott and Erin. It was my first time, except maybe once at summer camp, and I loved it. It was hard, both mentally and physically, but it was great to figure things out by watching and doing, and it was great to challenge my body in a new way. My hand and forearm muscles were exhausted afterwards (it's funny when you "feel the burn" while tying your shoes), but I can't wait to go back! There were a bunch of kids at the gym - elementary school-aged, both boys and girls - and it was really cool to see them scrambling around and cheering each other on.

For dinner, Scott and Erin and Paul and I headed down to the Straits of Malay for an excellent meal (albeit a lonely one! We were the only table there for quite a while.) which included my first taste of fried jackfruit. Yum. Back to Delafield for tea and drooling over the Guatemala book with Scott. I want to see and do most of what's described there. I leave in a week and a half! Yay!

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Jenn said...

ahh, i've been getting into climbing lately as well, and i love it... it's a good balance to ultimate, and if you can get on some outdoor rock sometimes, it's that much better :)