Thursday, February 09, 2006

Boston and Second Life

A quick recap of this week's events:
I drove down to Boston with Morgan and Katie on Sunday morning, and I met up with my friend Robin in Harvard Square. We walked the dog along the Charles, we went back to her house for lunch, we shopped at the New England Mobile Book Fair*, we had a delicious tomato soup dinner while watching Super Bowl commercials and talking through the game.

I spent the night at her house and joined her for yoga in the morning. She showed me the photo albums she's been working on over lunch, and then we went to Boston's Museum of Fine Arts. There were two shows that I really liked: Degas to Picasso: Modern Masters and Facets of Cubism. I got to see some Bauhaus pieces, which is always a treat. Bauhaus and Arabic art are hands down my two favorite kinds of art. And the more Picasso I see, the better I like him. (There was one set of prints he did of a bull, where he just kept taking away non-essential elements until the final image was a handful of lines. Incredible.) A thoroughly satisfying afternoon!

Robin drove me to the airport after dinner. I took off at 10 and was home by 12:30 - an easy, efficient trip.

* ...where she bought me a copy of Creatures by Henry Horstein and Another Language of Flowers by Dorothea Tanning, and I bought a copy of Mary Roach's Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers.

Tuesday morning I started working for Sibley! I now have a lovely iMac and wireless internet in my apartment - this is revolutionary for Chez Limon. For the past 16 months, we've been connected via my sister's clumsy old laptop and a slow dial-up connection. Very frustrating to use.

Two days into my new job, it's wonderful. So far I'm learning a lot about Second Life and about corporations and how to investment in them. I love having tasks that I can complete.

I'm going to be late for yoga if I don't sign off now.

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