Friday, February 24, 2006

Carrot cheesecake from Junior's at Grand Central Station

A quick post from the end of a lovely day in New York. I took the bus up this morning, met Kate and Alissa and Alissa's parents at Macy's (where they had just finished looking at wedding dresses for A), had lunch, and then went to another wedding store where Kate's fiancee Jaime joined us. I got to see A try on bridal gowns, and then she and I tried on some bridesmaid dresses for Kate and Jaime's wedding. It was pretty fun. It definitely hit home how much of a production a wedding is, but all 3 brides are handling it well. Extremely well. It doesn't make ME want to get married anytime soon, although I wouldn't mind just having a nice big party. (Anyone want to go out dancing with me next weekend?)

So we tried on a bunch of bridesmaid dresses (and found a neat one that fits both Alissa and I nicely!) and then went and sat in a coffee shop for a few hours and then wandered down to Grand Central for dinner and more chatting before sending Alissa home at 9:07. Now I'm at Kate and Jaime's apartment in Brooklyn, seriously excited about bed!

Plan for tomorrow... the Darwin exhibit at the Museum of Natural History?

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