Thursday, December 21, 2006

Today’s the solstice, the day when the north pole stops distancing itself from the sun. It’s reached its outer limit and swings back in. Even the date, 12-21, is a palindrome and looks like it’s reached its apex and is turning itself around. I can’t wait for more sunlight.

Right now I’m at the very end of Terminal A in the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport, in a gate with only 35 seats and 6 passengers. My legs were sore, so I walked all the way here from F, spurning the moving walkways and, worse yet, the tram. I walked past flights headed to San Francisco and Dallas, and I kept walking until I got to gates for people going to Bemidji and Aberdeen and Duluth. Oh Minnesota! Land of dipthonged “yep”s, non-ironic mullets and corny fishing jokes (“Does this shirt make my bass look fat?”). Currently it’s a land of heavy, freezing rain, but I’m sure that will clear up soon.

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