Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dental Floss, Falafel Kittens

Armand's got a great new video on flossing.org called "Dentally Disturbed." A three-and-a-half minute must-see!

On Sunday night, Scott and I watched Shaun of the Dead, by the same guy who did Bubba Ho-Tep. I was a little skeptical as we watched the previews - one for a super violent movie, and one for Jackass. Sometimes you can tell if you're going to like a movie by whether or not you like the previews. Turns out Shaun is both violent and ridiculous... but I really liked it. NOT as much as Bubba, but I'm glad I saw it. I didn't need to see the guy getting eaten alive, but that's ok. At least he was the annoying one. And does anyone else think he looks like Harry Potter? (He's in the blue sweater below.)

We now return to our regularly-scheduled weekend recap:
Saturday was fun - I got my new bike all ready to go (switched out the clipless pedals, adjusted the handlebars, inflated the tires) and had a fine time riding it around the sunny, traffic-free streets of DC. Scott and I spent a significant amount of time at Mocha Hut reading and working, and I got a little Christmas shopping done as well. We went home, made a big batch of waldorf salad and five pounds of chipotle sweet potatoes, and headed up to Nate and Anna's house for "Second Thanksgiving," where you get to eat things that you wished had been at Thanksgiving. Nate, for example, didn't get any mashed potatoes this year, so this dinner resolved that. It was a great meal, and fun to spend time with Anna and Nate and their cats. Sadly, my immune system sent me home to bed early.

Sunday, the storm that had been brewing in my immune system all week long finally hit, so I took full advantage of the couch while Scott did chores and brought me tea. We went for a nice walk/hike through Rock Creek Park in the afternoon, had cream of mushroom soup for dinner, installed my wavy mirror in our room (one of those things that's been on our to-do list for months) and watched Shaun of the Dead.

Recently entertaining dreams:
- Something about a cat who gave birth to falafel instead of kittens...
- I was part of the team responsible for making the sequel to V for Vendetta, but I'd never seen the movie (which is true), so I had no idea what to do.
- We were having a Sheep retreat at my house in Duluth, and Morton was teaching me Japanese.

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