Thursday, December 07, 2006


I'm not sure if it was the lingering effects of my cold or my decision to end my coffee-addiction cold-turkey, but jeez I needed a lot of sleep last night. I took a 2+ hour nap when I got home from work yesterday, and then I got something like 9 hours of sleep when I went to bed for real.

As I type, Scott is at the dentist getting caps put on his two front teeth. He had the classic bike accident on his way to work yesterday - ran into a car door that opened suddenly in front of him. His helmet his the ground first, and then his mouth. He's ok - a fat lip, some chipped teeth, a few bruises on his knees and shoulders - and his bike will be ridable after a few minor repairs. Thank goodness. Still scary, though.

Tonight we get to go to the Nutcracker!

A few photos from my dad to help get you in the Christmas spirit: our house, and a detail of the festive bike in the front yard.

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Margo said...

Send Scott get well wishes from one cyclist to another!!!
What made you decide to go cold turkey on the coffee?