Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fog, Crow, Fancy Dress

This morning was nice and foggy. A silky white ride to work. The intersection at Florida and 15th just got repaved, which is always nice. You get used to it being bad, and then it’s suddenly beautiful.

I went to a yoga class at the gym today. I have pathetic static strength in my legs (the warrior poses were killing me!), but suddenly I can do a crow. Cool! And my tree series wasn’t looking all that bad either.

Tonight Scott and I get to get dressed up and go to his office party, where I’m looking forward to the dancing.
Tomorrow is Liz’s going away party. Sniff.

In exactly a week (to the hour) I’ll be in Duluth. Fred’s there already, after some car troubles in Minnesota. Turns out the good old Saab needs a new engine. And it turns out there was a spare Saab engine in Mankato (where it died), so a transplant is currently underway.

Fred reports there’s no snow in Duluth. That’s good for walking on the Lakewalk, and good for Ultimate on the Reservoir, but bad for cross country skiing.

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