Tuesday, December 12, 2006


This is way more fun than lighting a candle online. You get to create your own snowflake and benefit the Salvation Army in the process! When you hold your mouse over the falling snowflakes, you can see other people's creations. Way cool!

Not too much to report this week. Saturday was quite festive - Messiah tickets, a holiday party with Scott's coworkers, and then Christmas tree decorating. Erin and Paul get all the credit on that last one - they brought home the tree, made popcorn-cranberry garlands, strung the lights and cut out paper ornaments. It's really wonderful to have such a nice tree in our living room.

On Sunday I did chores. I learned that once you start looking for woodwork to clean in Delafield, you find an abundance of it. Our baseboards were despicable, but so were doorframes, walls and banisters. Definitely an ongoing project... I also cleaned some bike chains, cooked a rutabaga and then joined our guests in the living room for a rousing game of Telephone/Pictionary (Television?). Scott and I had enough energy to watch Tim Burton's Frankenweenie before going to sleep.

Maybe tomorrow we'll actually get around to watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, not just the DVD extras!

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